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Most of us would probably prefer to be taller than others. Among the family, at work and on the street, ideal height is subjective. However, some people say that they are limited by their height, and that it controls them. Nowadays, short persons (especially men) can feel social pressure concerning their own stature. It is not fair, but taller people experience various privileges on a daily basis only because of their appearance, for example, in terms of partnership or finance.

Although this is not obvious at first glance, being short can cause emotional stress reaching the subconscious. When you look around, you will always find someone taller than you, so it’s better to stop the inner struggle. Regardless of the inches, accept yourself as you are and just feel GREAT in your own skin.

“When God wants to make a gift for you, he usually wraps it in a problem. The greater the gift you receive the greater the problem God uses to mask.” (everyday “problems” are a lesson to the man) – Norman Vincent Peale

Dozens of people still have no idea that we have a huge influence on our stature (especially in the first years of life), despite genetics. If you are a child or young person under 21 years of age, it is worthwhile to use and maximise your individual height potential. There are measures that will make every young person slightly taller or achieve their DREAM height.

„Secret methods for dummies” was replaced by contemporary methods based on research and achievements of modern science. The information that will help to increase the height of children and young people can be found on the following website MakeKidTeenGrowTaller.com. There, I provide techniques which include physical activity, stretching exercises, nutrition and proper sleep. The greatest results do not come overnight, but dedication, determination and patience will bring the desired success.

“Remove the word problem from your dictionary and replace it with challenge. Life will suddenly become more exciting and interesting.” – Albert Camus

I wish you nothing less than success!