Wiek ma znaczenie w zwiększaniu wzrostu
2 September 2015

Age matters in increasing growth

By Alan Rybczynski

Age is one of the most important factors (after genetics) in determining your height. You may be in your teens or even 25s and wish you were taller. At what age can you grow 10 centimeters or more, and when will you no longer grow? .

The human body is governed by its own laws. The endocrine system works differently depending on your age.

Natural growth process

1. A child grows the most during the first few years.

2. Growth slows and stabilizes.

3. A second, similar stage of increased growth is the period of puberty between the ages of 11-16.

4. Thereafter, growth slows rapidly, although it is not completely halted.

The epiphyseal/growth plates are made up of cartilage, which is found at the ends of growing bones. This cartilage is essential for the formation of new bone tissue. Still some people grow without any effort (unconsciously). The potential for easy growth will continue for several more years until the bone epiphyses have fused. Bone epiphyses are still made of cartilage tissue, which is susceptible to stimulation and which systematically elongates the bone shaft. The amount of growth hormone at this age is still at a good level. So a sixteen year old boy has a good chance of growing as much as ten centimeters before the end of the whole stage, but it is worth learning the basics to make the task easier for his body in order to maximize the effect.

In the final stage, the epiphyseal cartilage turns into compact bone, and natural bone growth is no longer possible.
In men, the growth plates close by a maximum of 25 years of age, and in women by 20 years of age. This usually takes place several years earlier. After this time, the shafts of the bones fuse with the epiphyses, the epiphyses become calcified and of the 356 cartilage and bones of a teenager, an adult is left with 206 bones. Growth then stops, and the amount of essential growth hormone in the blood decreases with age.

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Average monthly human growth rate (USA)Growth versus Age

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Human_height_growth_per_month,_United_States.png

Knowing this scenario, some conclusions are worth making. Any program for growth is worth using especially at a young age, when the endocrine system and the whole body is ready for it..

When 25-year-old “John” would like to grow

You’re sure to be bothered by the question of whether an adult with fused bone epiphyses can increase his or her height. Despite what the marketing screams, age still trumps how much you can affect this aspect of your physicality. Nevertheless, the answer is thankfully – YES. The most effective method to do this is fracture or microfracture of the long bone. This is based on distraction osteogenesis which is an operation in which the bone is cut, a scaffold is installed and the apparatus is regularly rotated, lengthening the bone. The bone grows during this time. However, the surgery is expensive, highly invasive and sometimes risky. Not everyone knows about possible complications such as infections, nerve or blood vessel damage etc. Amounts of thousands dolars are probably better spent on something else 🙂

This, however, is not the only way to grow taller. Going back to less drastic ways, just increasing the growth hormone in your blood will not make your bones longer. This is only part of the success, as it is still necessary to at least microfracture the bones. Microfracturing can also be done with other techniques without surgery and horrendous pain unlike Illizarov. However, these are experimental methods and carry potential risks.

It is also worthwhile to take care through proper posture and proper supplementation to keep the spine from shrinking and finally to stretch it as much as possible.