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Stretching exercises for child growth. Stretching the spine and legs

27 May 2021

Does hanging on a bar help you grow taller?

Growing a few centimeters is a dream of many people. Since time immemorial, a tall height has been considered an indicator of a child’s health and strength in adulthood. But what if the child does not grow as fast as his/her peers? Can you grow as an adult by exercising on a bar? The answer is in this article.

13 December 2020

How to stretch the spine? Exercises to stretch the spine

The spine is responsible for much of your height. Anatomical drawings show that, right after your legs, it is your spine that affects whether you are short, medium or tall. Fortunately, you can shape your spine with exercises and prevention. Check out the exercises you should do on your own to straighten and stretch your spine and grow taller.

14 November 2015

How to exercise to grow taller

Movement is indispensable to everything that lives. Even a rooted tree tugged by the wind makes some movement. Within reason, humans need physical activity every day. Young people especially, with open bony epiphyses, should use it to maximize growth for three reasons. Growth exercises don’t just stretch muscles and tendons. Discover all the benefits of growth exercises.