FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You often ask about similar things, so here are the answers to the most important problems.

Can you influence your growth? How much will you grow? Is it easy?

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You are surely asking yourself whether a person like you has a chance to grow a little more. Almost every person, regardless of age, can lengthen their body a bit. There are ways to increase height to its potential, get as much as your body can handle, and sometimes even become tall!

There is no exact answer to the question “how much will you eventually grow?” because it is impossible to guess. However, I will try to determine the approximate results.


CHILDREN with open bone epiphyses*.

Age: boys up to 18 years old, girls up to 16 years old.

After this time, in some people in this group, bones stop growing. Puberty for boys is longer than for girls, which increases the final height of men.

Being in this group of people, you may grow the most. During this time, the endocrine system supports dynamic bone growth. The child has the chance to maximize the growth potential stored in DNA, and even grow in addition (usually + a few centimeters extra). Centile grids also help predict growth. With proven ways, there is a chance of getting an above average height. In other words, you can be tall on your 18th birthday.

* In young people, the ends of the bones are made up of epiphyseal cartilage. These cartilages grow and overbuild the bone, which thus lengthens. At some point, the cartilages begin to change into hard bone tissue and the bone stops growing. The bone sockets “close up”.

Level of difficulty: easy. Mainly you just need to take care of a proper lifestyle: diet, physical activity, stretching exercises, sleep. Detailed instructions are waiting in the guide “Make Kid Teen Grow Taller”, part of the advice on the blog and in the newsletter.


Adults THAT ARE GROWING with open bone epiphyses have a chance to grow about 1-5 cm, and in exceptional cases more than 5 cm.

Age: males 18-19/21 years, females usually finish growing even before 18 years of age.

Level of difficulty: medium. In addition to taking care of a proper lifestyle: diet, physical activity, stretching exercises, sleep; increase the secretion of growth hormone (which decreases at this age). It is also worth using methods that cause non-invasive microfracture of the bones. Detailed instructions await in the guide “Make Kid Teen Grow Taller”, some advice on the blog and in the newsletter.


PERSONS AFTER THE GROWTH PERIOD with closed bone epiphyses can elongate their bodies typically 1 to 3 cm.

Age: men over 21, girls over 16

Level of difficulty: difficult. The program for these individuals should consist of spinal straightening and microfracture of the bones. Changing to a balanced diet, physical activity, sleep and maintaining proper posture are also invaluable. Currently, the guide “How to Grow Taller” does not provide detailed information on this topic.

The above figures, are statistics and of course may vary in your case. The level of difficulty of the program for growth and the effects largely depend on age. The growth process is intensified precisely during youth. The earlier you start working on your growth, the better for you.


“I am 15 years old and measure 170 cm. Do I have a chance to grow to 180 cm?”

There is no single, precise answer to this type of question. Please don’t ask me similar questions, but get the gist from the answer below. Your height is dependent on many factors such as, but not limited to:

  • genetics
  • growth hormone levels
  • bone age
  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • stretching exercises
  • sleep
  • past illnesses and other growth inhibitors such as smoking

15 years old is still a young age and as you have read, your bones should be physiologically prepared for several years of successive growth. Therefore, if you take care of all the factors affecting your body height, you have a great chance to reach another 10 cm by the time the bone caps close.