Height-increasing insoles for shoes – pros and cons

wkładki do butów podwyższające

Shoe inserts are an invention for short people, adding 1-3 or more inches to the illusion of height in an instant. Finally, it is not “bad genes” but fantasy that determines how tall we will become. All you have to do is put another layer in your shoe. It is worth using insoles on many occasions, but you should be able to do without them..

Insoles are a bit like a push-up bra to enlarge small breasts, or an expensive suit to increase the confidence of the owner. A shoe with a higher sole, heel or insoles inside is a thing that adds wings. If you have trouble accepting your short stature on a daily basis, you know what I’m talking about. Including the sole of the shoe you are up to 5 cm taller. For a moment, you look down on more people, feeling more dominance and focus on you. This great feeling is just a substitute for what a guy with a meter ninety on his neck has. Good support at work and on a date when you need to look confident and most of all feel that way.

These emotions are addictive and I know something about that, after all I wore shoe inserts for over two years. After a while, i understand that wearing shoe insoles increases height in centimeters, while self-acceptance decreases. I didn’t want to deceive myself, which is why I haven’t used them for a long time.

Why do people wear shoe inserts

I know, it doesn’t apply to everyone. Someone who loves himself, feels his high self-worth and lives the life he wants doesn’t need any orthotics that give a shallow sense of worth. Why should he need them if they reduce comfort when walking. In this blog will still be room for this type of posts, but I think you get the gist of the problem of the man “in shoe insoles”.

The only path best to take (if you have a problem with it) is to gradually give up the insoles. Start refining yourself so that you are ready to throw off the veils of illusion. It’s a good idea to use equipment or wear shoes with a higher sole, but you need to be able to be in the midst of a crowd of strangers without such aids. This verifies whether you are a boy or a confident man; a girl in heels or a real woman. Understand me well – high shoes are great, but they should not be a tool to patch complexes. Your girlfriend can accept your height, but complexes no longer – such words from the mouth of a woman reflect the whole truth. No matter how many times you were called a little at school, it’s time to love yourself and distance yourself from the comments about you.


Advantages of shoe insoles:

  • They work well in professional meetings with clients, employers, etc.
  • They work well whenever you want to make a good impression: on a date etc.
  • Quickly and pleasantly increase growth

Disadvantages of shoe insoles:

  • They are only an illusion that does not remove deeper, psychological problems
  • The insoles may be noticed by others, e.g. after removing shoes, and the person risks embarrassment
  • Reduce shoe comfort

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  • Kinga Reply

    As for me, insoles that increase the height of shoes have more advantages than disadvantages. I myself use the benefits of this invention, because I am less than 160cm tall. Such insoles give me confidence and are quite comfortable.

  • Kaul Reply

    Hallo, where can I buy these inserts and how much does your book cost

    • Alan Rybczyński Reply

      I replied to you by email.

  • Natalia Reply

    I am not short for a woman and I have no complexes because of it. But I will buy myself to sneakers. Converse to make the leg lie better, it optically lengthens it:) super thing I am buying right now:)

  • Olga Reply

    I am small, 157 cm, and I have gel inserts thanks to which I can reach 160 cm, but I wear them only when, for example, I want to wear something for which I am “too small” and which shortens me and thanks to these 3 additional cm it already fits well. I am the smallest one in my family and sometimes it annoys me because I also see that in the city, bank or office nobody treats me seriously as other women, especially that I look young. And I sometimes have to wear pads when I go out with someone who is, let’s say, 190 cm tall.

    • Alan Rybczyński Reply

      Cool that you shared the info 🙂

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