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14 November 2015

How to exercise to grow taller

By Alan Rybczynski

Movement is indispensable to everything that lives. Even a rooted tree tugged by the wind makes some movement. Within reason, humans need physical activity every day. Young people especially, with open bony epiphyses, should use it to maximize growth for three reasons. Growth exercises don’t just stretch muscles and tendons. Discover all the benefits of growth exercises.

Sport is health. It improves fitness, strengthens the heart, prevents obesity, improves sleep and mood, boosts immune function, and even helps preserve and increase bone mineral density. There are many more benefits to daily exercise, but I’ll tell you why it significantly increases height.

See the video “Growth Exercises:


Bone loading stimulates bone growth

In young people, any physical activity that loads the long bones in their vertical plane accelerates and intensifies endochondral ossification, indeed increasing growth. Bone simply grows faster. Additionally, sports increase or maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis at any age.

Increasing growth hormone levels

Physical exertion initiates functional changes throughout the body, including stimulating endocrine glands and growth hormone output. I’ve read a lot of literature on this subject, and the most interesting thing is that you don’t have to run 5 kilometers a day for the amount of growth hormone to increase up to 13 times. The results of most works from around the world make it clear: exercise for too long causes less change in HGH.

Stretching of muscles and tendons

Daily repeated stretching of muscles and tendons creates optimal conditions and gives the greatest freedom for bones to grow and lengthen. It is a myth that stretching exercises, such as yoga, can stretch formed and hard as reinforced concrete bones – I mentioned this here.

In a word – sports will give you a lot of benefits. Include daily movement in your program for growth (it’s the foundation), and you’ll get surprising results.