How to grow taller overnight
18 February 2023

How to grow taller overnight – 8 tips

By Alan Rybczynski

Children and teenagers often compare themselves to their peers and want to be as tall as possible. Growth can be important not only for the youngest, but can also make adult life easier. Sleep in fact is the ideal natural time for growth. However, how to grow taller overnight? In a moment I’ll explain it in detail.

Why we grow taller overnight

The saying „children and teenagers grow taller overnight” is quite true. There are growth plates at the ends of each long bone. Children and teenagers can grow tall overnight – while they sleep – because their epiphyseal plates (growth plates) are still opened. The growth hormone is a substance necessary for the bones growth. The hormone is released by the pituitary gland in a pulsatile (intermittent) way. As much as 2/3 of growth hormone is released in sleep, and 70% is released during the first phase of sleep [1]. As you can see, sleep has a real impact on growth, so it’s worth taking advantage of this knowledge. As children and teenagers age and hormones work, they stop growing because the epiphyseal plates gradually turn into hard bone.


Best methods to grow taller overnight

1. Take care of deep, undisrupted sleep

Scientific studies have observed that snoring and other nocturnal breathing problems can impede the child’s growth. The most important thing you need to start with is, of course, creating the conditions for a comfortable and healthy sleep. The one who says “as you make your bed, so you must lie on it” is right, so I’ll give you some practical advice. Start sleeping on a more firm bed, and if you can afford it – get a special mattress for sleeping. Also, avoid large pillows that position your head at an unnatural angle (as if you were watching TV instead of lying on your back). Sleep on a small pillow that keeps your head and cervical vertebrae in a natural spinal line.


2. Reduce stress before bedtime

Nowadays, stress is one of humankind’s serious problems. Long-term stress not only causes diseases, but also hinders the growth of children and teenagers. Scientists have noticed a lower amount of growth hormone in children with depression disorders, so stress can result in lower growth in children. Stress and anxiety during the day can make it much harder to fall asleep and cause nighttime awakenings. Perhaps you’re concerned about grades at school, you had a fight with a classmate or you’re having problems with your girlfriend – I understand this perfectly. Everyone has some problems, and those problems can’t be completely avoided, but it’s worth learning about coping methods and practicing stress-soothing techniques. Talk to your friends, family or psychologist – these people will help you solve your problems. A simple conversation will improve your mood and the quality of your sleep.


3. Avoid sweet meals before bedtime

If you want to grow taller overnight, you should avoid excess sweet things during the day, especially before bedtime. The largest amount of growth hormone is released during the first phase of sleep, so it is not advisable to hinder the process.

How does the sugar affect you?

First of all, sugar has acidifying effects. In order to balance the acid/base ratio in the body, calcium is mainly used. Thus, sometimes you can eat something sweet, but don’t excessively eat sugar (including fruit). In addition, sugar increases the release of insulin into the blood. In turn, when insulin levels rise, the amount of growth hormone decreases, so sugar substantially interferes with growing taller overnight.


4. Balance your diet

Balanced diet has a major impact on sleep growth. Indeed, it is the diet that provides us with all the nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Out of all the ingredients, it is the proteins, vitamins and minerals that particularly affect growth. The proteins are used to create and rebuild worn-out cells and tissues and raise the growth hormone level in the blood. Among minerals, calcium – the main component of bones – plays an important role. The vitamins stimulate the formation of new cells, synthesize hormones and enable the building of bone tissue. That’s why you should try to eat salads, vegetables and fruits – so rich in vitamins and minerals. Diet is an important growth factor, so you must to see the article „Foods that make you grow taller”.


5. Exercise regularly

Being physically active, including adequate exercises, is one of the most effective ways to promote growing taller overnight. Several studies have shown that sports significantly increase the amount of growth hormone in the blood and cause a number of other growth-promoting changes in children and teenagers. Stay active in school P.E. classes and always enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc., in addition, do adequate growth exercises.


6. Drink more water

What does water have to do with the growth? – a great deal. On average, an adult human being is made up of 70% water, which significantly affects body height. For example, water is an important component of the spine – cerebrospinal fluid. Your body should be well hydrated at all times, ideally you should drink liquids in small sips throughout the day. The amount of water you choose according to your weight. The feeling of a dry mouth can indicate several percent dehydration. Excessive drinking of water immediately before bedtime can result in getting up to the toilet every night and disrupting your sleep. It’s a good idea to drink a glass of water in the evening, but not immediately before going to bed.


7. Keep the right posture

Keeping the right posture is especially important during the growth period, that is, in children and teenagers. At this age, the human skeletal system develops very quickly, so the posture you keep during the day can consolidate in adulthood ( e.g., posture malformations). As you grow, it is easy to develop both the positive habit of having a straight posture and the negative habit of hunching and the others. In addition, straight posture boosts your confidence and makes you slightly taller.

Which standing posture is correct? Stand upright with your back evenly with the line of the wall so that your head and body are touching the wall. Keep your shoulders back and your head straight, letting your arms hang down. You’re sure to see the difference.

When sitting in a chair, armchair or couch, remember not to hunch over and keep your back straight.


8. Avoid growth-blocking factors

There are more than 10 factors that can block your growth. We all know that cigarettes reduce teenage growth, but are there any other causes or diseases that are blocking growth? Certainly. I described this in detail in the report “Height Growth Blockers – 10 factors not allowing you to grow” – download for free.



Up to 2/3 of the daily amount of growth hormone is released during sleep, so you can grow taller overnight. Lack of stress, limiting sweets, a balanced diet, physical activity, drinking water, healthy posture and eliminating growth blockers will make you grow taller overnight quickly.