How to height increase in 1 week
11 January 2023

How to increase height in 1-2 weeks?

By Alan Rybczynski

One frequently asked question is whether it is possible to increase height in a week or two, and how to do it. It’s a very short period of time, though as an adult, child or teenager you can, certainly, be active and grow taller a minimally during that time. Where to begin if you want to grow taller by a few inches.

Perhaps your summer vacation is coming to an end and you are going back to school in a week. Possibly you have found a new job and would like to present yourself in a better way… I’ve written about what to do to increase your height, how much taller you will be, etc. in the other articles. You are about to find out how much you can do in such a short time – here we go!


1. Develop new, effective habits

You should know that one/ two weeks is not a long time to reach your goal completely. However, by taking any type of consistent action, you will develop the right and long-lasting habits for yourself.

Do you want to grow 5-10 inches taller or even more? Regardless of the goal you’ve set, a strong height increase motivation will help you at first, and regular efforts for 14 days will support your new habits. Getting up earlier, exercising in the morning, diet, cooking and eating wholesome meals will help your bones to grow. Remember – the brain is constructed in such a way that each new habit takes 18 days or more to become fixed in the mind. It all depends on the difficulty of the habit, so it’s worth taking action and developing habits.


2. Learn exercises, diets for increased height

What else can you do in 1-2 weeks to increase your height? Study the theory on how to get taller (action plan) and start doing the first exercises to grow taller. From zero to master, you’ll eventually be excellent at it.

It’s a good idea to start this point by getting some knowledge, that of some proven guidebook to increase height. Once you know what to do, start your trial day by getting out of bed early and before you go to school/work – prepare a full breakfast or take an extra second breakfast with you.

  • If your morning routine includes morning exercises – do them.
  • You also have the opportunity to sign up for a gym in 14 days,
  • Do your best by playing basketball during school P.E. classes.
  • Start running regularly.
  • Start going to bed at 10pm-10:30pm.
  • Learn theory (action plan) and practice exercises.


3. Improve your posture, stretch your back

It is much more difficult to increase height in adulthood, as normal stretching exercises are ineffective! It is worthwhile to simply stretch up at any age, or try the best exercises for stretching the back, which will increase your height by about 1-2 inches.

If you want to appear taller, you can improve your posture and strengthen your upper torso muscles. Hunching over can make you look shorter.

  • Within two weeks, start to practice correct posture – simply don’t hunch over when you stand, walk or sit – if you want to appear taller.
  • You can try some exercises for increasing height, such as hanging on a bar while holding the bar with both hands or using workout hooks.
  • Go to a physiotherapist who can help you stretch your back with exercises that are appropriate for your back (important!).


4. Examine your body with a doctor

During the first 1-2 weeks, you can do the required medical examinations and get professional information about your health. This is sometimes necessary before you begin any exercises for increasing your height.

There are a number of diseases that make it difficult to get higher and negatively affecting even the best exercises and diets. It is better to do these examinations in the beginning and save time, especially if you think you have diseases, a low level of height hormone, a grown bone roots, etc.

What examinations to do:

  • Have an x-ray of your non-dominant hand wrist or knee,
  • Examine your thyroid gland,
  • Have height hormone secretion tests done.


5. Reduce bad habits

In such a short time as a two weeks, you can also make sure that you simply don’t trouble yourself. There are many bad habits resulting in low height that you should eventually eliminate. Do not do everything at once – begin with small steps and remember that the impact of bad habits has been documented by scientific studies.

Eliminate the worst habits that impede your height:

  • Limit or stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol,
  • Reduce eating sweets and the refined foods to a minimum,
  • Stop staying up late at night and going to bed late (by playing games, etc.),
  • Stop leading a sedentary lifestyle,
  • Stop hunching your back.


How much can you increase height in a week?

The progress of human growth depends on age, while newborns and infants get taller the fastest. Later, height slows down until the proper puberty stage, where a child/teenager grows statistically at an average rate of up to 9.5 cm per year (males), 7 cm (females). So a teenager increases in height by about 7.9 mm per month. In a week, a maturing teenager can increase in height by about 2 millimeters.


6. Don’t want to wait 2 weeks? Fool your height

Although a few of my adult clients have already increased their height (even at the age of 25), I also have something for those who are lazy. If you’re an adult or teenager and don’t want to make the effort to exercise for height, you can use tricks like David Copperfield. These are optical illusions such as the right clothes, one-color clothes or heightening shoe insoles that will help you look visually higher in 5 seconds at least.

Optical height – how to increase your height in 5 seconds?

  • Shoe insoles: will add 1-7 cm to height (I do not recommend higher than 2 cm),
  • Higher sole shoes: will add the height of 1-3 cm, for women high-heeled shoes (height up to 10 cm),
  • One color and matching clothes: will add the height by 1-2 cm.

Obviously, you do not grow taller by these methods realistically, but if you need to “increase your height” fast and noticeably before dating a girl, the first day at a new school or at work – you should not hesitate to use them to your benefit.



No one can get taller in just 10 seconds, and no one can completely increase height in just one or two weeks. But you can take some actions, develop the right habits, change your lifestyle, learn the knowledge you need to get taller, do examinations, go to a physiotherapist – and that is really a lot!