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1 February 2021

How to lengthen your legs. Leg stretching exercises

By Alan Rybczynski

Your height is mostly influenced by your legs. There are many people which their height is important and would give a lot to make their legs longer, even by a few centimeters. What can you do to make your legs longer? Some tips on lengthening your legs.

The so-called “ideal figure” of a woman consists primarily of long legs, so they are the dream of many a young girl. Reading blog reader questions I also know how many even very young boys, children but also adults care about height. All these people are wondering what to do to affect the limbs in any way. With current scientific knowledge, there are several ways to get long legs. As usual, you should choose the method individually.

Children and teenagers

Stretching exercises

Young people, whose bones are still growting by growth cartilage, can greatly stimulate their own growth. First, you should do stretching exercises for muscles and tendons. Stretching your muscles and tendons on a daily basis gives optimal conditions and more freedom for your bones to develop and grow. These are simple and safe exercises that you can do yourself at home. Some of them we all know from P.E. classes. These exercises work the calf and thigh muscles. Here are two examples:

Exercise 1: Lie on your back. Place your arms on the ground behind your head trying to extend your arms and legs in two different directions as far as you can. Stay in the position for 10-30 seconds. Finish by relaxing your body.

Exercise 2: Lean against a wall with one hand, grab your right ankle with your right hand and pull upward. Pull on your ankle until you feel tension in the muscles at the front of your thigh. Stay in the position for 10-30 seconds. Finish by relaxing your leg and resting a moment. Then practice by switching legs.

Repeat both exercises a minimum of 3 times.

Micro fractures of bones

Did you know that during sports (such as running), bones are affected by forces several times your body weight? This causes microfractures of long bones, involving the formation of a large number of micro cracks across the surface of the bone. There is nothing wrong with this, as these natural injuries stimulate bone growth in children and adolescents. Bone load exercises have a positive effect even in people who finished growing many years ago. They increase bone mineral density. This is our body’s “trained” way to strengthen bones.

The entire Growth Program must be thought out so that all methods work together. You can’t do everything perfectly, but you can try to take care of the most important factors as much as possible. For example, you may need supplementation in important vitamins and minerals if you find it difficult to get any of the ingredients.

Adults after growth spurts

We already know that a child can affect the length of their bones quite easily. However, can an adult with fused bone epiphyses achieve similar results? In spite of the sellers of miracle supplements and growth remedies, age still prevails on what result you see on the growth meter.

Distraction osteogenesis

The most effective method for growth in adults is to fracture or microfracture long bones. This is based on distraction osteogenesis, which is an operation that involves cutting the bone, installing a scaffold and regularly rotating the apparatus to lengthen the bone. The bones grow during this time. Unfortunately, the surgery is expensive, very invasive, often risky and… very painful. Complications such as infections, nerve or blood vessel damage are possible.

Experimental methods

Surgery is not the only way to grow taller. Regarding natural and somewhat gentler methods, you can firstly, as much as possible, try to increase the level of growth hormone in the blood. This will not make the bones elongate, but it will cause half success. You still need at least little microfracture of the bone. There are volunteers around the world testing various methods to accomplish this, but such attempts at home are risky and may even end in disability.