13 December 2020

How to stretch the spine? Exercises to stretch the spine

The spine is responsible for much of your height. Anatomical drawings show that, right after your legs, it is your spine that affects whether you are short, medium or tall. Fortunately, you can shape your spine with exercises and prevention. Check out the exercises you should do on your own to straighten and stretch your spine and grow taller.

26 September 2020

How to boost growth hormone

Wanting to grow taller, one of the primary factors you need to keep in mind is the presence of growth hormone in your body. For this substance many bodybuilders are able to give a lot. The salutary effect of HGH is also known by children and teenagers, needing it for proper development and maximizing body growth. Learn how to increase the production of natural growth […]

14 September 2020

How to become taller

Are you a few years old and wonder what to do to GROW TALLER? When you lack a few centimeters to full happiness, you are bothered by the question “how can you grow up a little”. Of all the known methods, I have collected the 10 most effective ways.

27 September 2017

Best foods that help make you grow taller

The contents of your plate determine how you look, how you feel and whether you are tall or short. I’m sure you’ve heard phrases like “eat up or you won’t grow” more than once from your parents. This common saying is true. Keep reading and you will learn what to eat to grow and maximize your growth potential!

14 November 2015

How to exercise to grow taller

Movement is indispensable to everything that lives. Even a rooted tree tugged by the wind makes some movement. Within reason, humans need physical activity every day. Young people especially, with open bony epiphyses, should use it to maximize growth for three reasons. Growth exercises don’t just stretch muscles and tendons. Discover all the benefits of growth exercises.

20 September 2015

Height-increasing insoles for shoes – pros and cons

Shoe inserts are an invention for short people, adding 1-3 or more inches to the illusion of height in an instant. Finally, it is not “bad genes” but fantasy that determines how tall we will become. All you have to do is put another layer in your shoe. It is worth using insoles on many occasions, but you should be able to do without them..

2 September 2015

Age matters in increasing growth

Age is one of the most important factors (after genetics) in determining your height. You may be in your teens or even 25s and wish you were taller. At what age can you grow 10 centimeters or more, and when will you no longer grow? .