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4 September 2014

Why I write this blog

By Alan Rybczynski

Life gave me the idea to tackle the not easy topic of height. As an undersized guy, I know how much this kind of website is needed. We should support each other, exchange views and opinions. Men in particular are pressured to grow taller. On many levels, society favors taller people, putting the short ones into less pleasant frames.

I dedicate this page to all the people, who are not tall. However, this is not a reason to cry and lament, of which I will strenuously convince 🙂

Right here you will find reliable information:

Myths about increasing height

There is a lot of online advice promising you can grow taller at any age. Not all of them tell the truth. Many authors leave out important facts.

Facts and ways to grow taller backed by scientific research

Over the past years, I have been searching for the most effective ways to add a few inches. I managed to gather the results of scientific publications that talk about increasing growth hormone, etc.

Self thoughts, curiosities etc.

I will try not to bore any of you and write about height in an interesting way.