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24 September 2022

Does height increase after periods?

First period is a real nightmare in a woman’s life by affecting her mood and body height. Young GrowTaller.blog readers often complain about stopping growth after periods. I decided to better describe its impact on girls’ final body height.

29 December 2021

Bone age – check and grow

Child’s growth depends on many factors, including bone age. Checking bone age is a recognized method to help assess final height. This simple test is used by pediatricians to diagnose short stature. When is it a good time to get tested, what does the measurement look like, and what does a delayed or accelerated bone age mean?

22 November 2021

Michael Jordan – a story of spectacular growth

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. He earned this title not only by his many accurate shots to the basket, but also by working hard to increase his height. I will zoom in on the activities Jordan may have done to grow from 172 cm to 198 cm.