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14 September 2020

How to become taller

By Alan Rybczynski

Are you a few years old and wonder what to do to GROW TALLER? When you lack a few centimeters to full happiness, you are bothered by the question “how can you grow up a little”. Of all the known methods, I have collected the 10 most effective ways.

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This article will be a summary of the most important ways known to the world to be taller.

There are many methods described on the Internet, but I don’t want to flood you with everything at once. I want you to gain an overview of the most effective activities worth your attention. It makes no sense to chaotically grab everything possible without thinking.

1 – Sleep and regeneration

Surely you understand perfectly why I put this factor at the beginning of the list. It is the most mundane, but at the same time the most important and elementary point affecting growth. The largest amounts of growth hormone are secreted precisely during sleep, which is why the saying has become popular: children grow when they sleep. The same is true for young people. Even the best planned program for growth will be less effective when you neglect your sleep. It has been proven by research that problems with sleep and breathing during sleep, snoring or waking up during the night – cause a decrease in growth hormone secretion in the body.

Sleep 8-9 hours a day and make sure your sleep is uninterrupted.

2 – Diet: what to eat to grow

In the early years of life, another key factor to grow is diet, that is, everything we eat. Even parents, from an early age, repeat to their children like a mantra phrases like: „eat or you won’t grow”. Our home advisors are right, because without good building blocks, we won’t build a solid house, and without good fuel, a car engine won’t go far. Without a proper diet, bones will not grow strong (they will have less density and more brittleness), while growth hormone levels may be lower. In your case, it does not necessarily have to be a low-calorie diet, but usually the opposite. So what should a well-composed diet for a child or teenager be? Some tips:

  • Proteins

It has been proven by research that consuming high amounts of protein results in increased growth hormone production in the body. Your diet should include adequate amounts of this valuable macronutrient. Protein acts as a brick for our bones, muscles and entire body. In addition to being a building block, amino acids also increase the amount of growth hormone secreted in the blood!

Animal proteins:.

  • meat
  • fish
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • yogurts
  • whey

You don’t have to eat meat every day, but try to eat any proteins of animal origin every day.

  • Carbohydrates and fats

Consume complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats daily. Choose unrefined and unpurified products, add virgin oils to your meals, and limit simple sugars (especially sweets).

Carbohydrates – Best Sources:

  • buckwheat groats
  • barley groats
  • millet groats
  • natural brown rice
  • whole-grain bread
  • Oatmeal
  • dark pasta
  • potatoes
  • vegetables
  • Vitamins and minerals

Plan your menu so that it is not lacking in vitamins and minerals. These valuable dietary components are necessary to grow and develop properly. Eat several servings of fruit and vegetables every day!

  • Dietary supplements

If your problem is to get any of the ingredients in your diet, as much as possible you should supplement a given vitamin/mineral. Remember: diet first, supplements and ready-made capsules second.

  • Water

  • Provide an adequate amount of water in your meals and drinks.

3 – Sports and stretching exercises for growth

Another key factor in growing is physical activity. The more you move (within reason) the better. Sport has a positive effect on the functioning of the entire body! Systems that are stimulated during exercise include the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. Movement is also invaluable in a person’s life because during movement, the pituitary gland secretes larger amounts of growth hormone. If you want to grow taller, you should make sports a habit.

Start playing your favorite sport regularly. Especially recommended activities – running, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. sports with HIGH INTENSITY.

In addition, perform muscle stretching exercises (stretching) several times a week.

4 – Eliminate harmful habits

Every one of us has some habits. Some of them are serious growth inhibitors because they prevent you from growing tall or sabotage your results to some extent. This bad habit, for example, is smoking cigarettes. Tobacco, is a classic stimulant about which there is no doubt – “don’t smoke or you won’t grow“. Many chemicals in the cigarette, in addition to nicotine, interfere with the body’s growth and development process. Boys who smoke cigarettes, attain lower body weight and lower height. It has even been observed that mothers who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy, give birth to smaller babies.

Other stimulants you should try to eliminate are alcohol, “junk” fast-food diets, overweight, certain diseases and body dysfunctions and others “.

5 – Take care of your spine

Proper posture when standing or sitting is an important part of a healthy spine and increased height. With a straight, unbent back we are taller by about 1-2 cm also for physiological and anatomical reasons. From an early age, it is a good idea to develop the habit of sitting and standing up straight.

6 – Take care of your mental health

This point may look a little mysterious but I’m already rushing to explain. It turns out that avoiding stress and laughing often also has a positive effect on the body’s growth process. Stress can hinder sleep, worsening its quality, which is probably obvious. As we know from the first point, long uninterrupted sleep guarantees uninterrupted release of growth hormone into the blood. Additionally, as scientific studies have proven, mental slack (including frequent laughter), increases growth hormone production by the body.

Of course, some people will note the fact that, after all, a large portion of teenagers struggle with puberty issues and emotional mood swings. This is true and such problems cannot be eliminated. First love disappointments, problems at school and other dilemmas are a stress factor. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing the mechanism itself and, if possible, try to reduce stress by using relaxation methods. Ideas include watching comedies instead of horror movies and meeting with family and friends to laugh as often as possible and thus… GROW UP!